For over 15 years, we've been experts in the healthcare category with specialized experience in Medicare marketing. That's how we know that Medicare is more challenging than ever. Plan switching is at its lowest point in years¹ and over 30% of seniors are continuing to work past 65.² The critical challenge for Medicare marketers is to deliver real value and meaningful brand experiences to consumers where and when they’re ready to engage.

A new, tech-savvy generation is aging into Medicare. With a more youthful outlook, longer and healthier lives, and some specific expectations, this generation has shifted to digital channels. For the first time, online interactions are just as important as traditional offline channels when it comes to selecting plans. The new Medicare consumer demands digital shopping experiences and personalized services that reflect what they've come to expect in virtually every other category.

We’re not only helping our established insurance clients innovate and transform their businesses to compete in this new market space, we’re helping them surpass the expectations of these new Medicare consumers.

We’re also helping new healthcare disruptor brands break new ground. Our industry firsts include: launch of the first consumer DNA test for 23andMe, launch of one of the first concierge practices in primary care for One Medical Group, launch of eHealth’s revolutionary new Medicare plan selection tool and today we’re helping Clover Health expand its data-driven service model to new markets.



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²New York Times, "Of Retirement Age, but Remaining in the Workforce," August 6, 2016