Political ad spending in the U.S. is expected to rise a whopping 59%, or by roughly $10 BILLION over the 2016 presidential election, in 2020. Where are those ad dollars going? It’s true digital ad spending will increase. It’s also true that the top two acquisition channels for Medicare—DRTV and direct mail—will be significantly impacted.

Here are a few ways you can stand out without overspending:

Direct response clearance will be impacted by the election. This will matter in some states more than others due to the local political climate. But, it will matter. So—what now?

Plan ahead. Book your orders well in advance to gain leverage as inventory dwindles. You can also work with stations to find free pockets of time—like hours outside of local news coverage shows.

Be flexible. Be open to … well, everything. You may need to increase your budget as rates per station may have risen. You may need to increase spot frequency to clear more ads. You may even need to consider airing outside of your normal hours. It’s possible that while television will continue to provide a lift to your other channels, you may want to consider leveraging some additional plan budget in other areas.

And, of course, talk to your agency partners to ensure you’re making the most of your direct response channels—shifting dollars as needed.

Medicare mail will land in mailboxes already crowded by the daily onslaught of political direct mail. Here’s where the fundamentals of direct mail come into play. Employ hard-working formats sure to stand out against oversized, glossy postcards. Leverage language that speaks to your audience, and utilize printing methods that allow for personalization.

Turn some heads. Much like the advice above, give yourself the space to think a little differently. Be open to the idea that your direct mail doesn’t have to be ugly to work well. It’s new, we know. But seriously. We’ve had a lot of success modernizing direct mail by creating pieces that are not only hard working, but are easy on the eyes.

So, get ready to dig in. Look at all your old tactics with a fresh, new perspective. And, meet acquisition goals in the face of adversity (ok, we had to get a little “political campaign-y” on ya).

Interested in more tips to help you stand out during a presidential election year? Download our Top 5 Age-In Planning Tips: 2020 Edition today.


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