A LOT of life’s daily pursuits and services are slowing down around us while the world struggles to flatline the spread of COVID-19. In an effort to stay motivated, and sane while working remotely, we here at Serum are keeping focus on some of life’s certain truths. The sun will still rise, the earth is still round, and AEP is ramping up all the same.

Our 2019 selves shared these tried & true thoughts on running standout AEP (and age-in) campaigns in 2020:


Right now? We’re focused on the growing number of Medicare Advantage switchers—and how we can best help our clients resonate with them. Knowing that 55% of Medicare enrollees prefer to research and enroll online, the answer is clear: Be ready with best-in-class digital presence because the senior audience is evolving quickly.   

So without further ado, here are our Top 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Presence and Performance.

  1. Increase Brand Recognition

Consistent use of brand elements strengthens the recognition of your brand, but it also builds trust with consumers and therefore value. But, did you know there are also bottom-line incentives to delivering your brand in a consistent way?

33%; the average revenue increase attributed to always presenting your brand consistently

Color usage is the most effective way to increase the recognition of your brand (by up to 80%!)—as is repetition. So, when planning ahead, be sure your digital ads echo your direct mail pieces but also strongly align with your landing page. A unified approach will save you from reinventing the wheel while also increasing brand visibility and building trust as your campaign progresses.  

  1. Create Engaging Calls to Action

This may seem like an easy task, but when was the last time you took a close look at your calls to action? We recommend you do that pronto, and consider the size, color and content of your buttons.

First off, the CTA button should be easy to spot. Both button size and high-contrasting colors are crucial for grabbing attention on a crowded screen. Also, be sure to direct next steps in an easy and actionable way. Your audience needs to immediately grasp your irresistible offer and actually want to click because it sounds easy and fun.

Our current favorite best practice for button content? Use the first person.

It’s instantly engaging and opens up more possibilities. Think:

Less – Click here

More – Yes, please!

  1. Create Engaging Content

How? Only deliver targeted ads to increase the likelihood of relevancy. It’s 2020 after all—a time when consumer expectations are high and attention spans are low. People expect brands to know their needs in advance of whatever moment you two cross paths. In other words, generic design and copy simply won’t do.

Understand your target audience’s interests, motivations and concerns. Demonstrating “we get you” will get more clicks. Tailor everything from imagery to text for your audience. And, leverage direct tactics to drive urgency and remove barriers.

  1. Include Movement

Do not overlook the importance of movement in your ads, choosing to go with static ads simply because “some people may not see the animation”. Even simple text or graphic animations will do the trick.

What’s the sweet spot?
Keep your animation to 15 seconds or less.

As with all the bullets on this list, there is most definitely a balance to strike here. Yes, you should still provide a fallback image for rich media executions, ensuring your main message and CTA are in that first “still” frame. And, for all audiences, but most certainly those shopping for Medicare Advantage plans, you want to avoid flashing or fast-moving animations. Your message will only resonate if it can be read. Right?

  1. More Is Better

Here’s a potentially staggering stat: On average, five to seven brand impressions are necessary before someone will remember your brand. FIVE TO SEVEN.

Now, consider your narrow, jam-packed AEP season. You likely have a few direct mail touches, maybe some DRTV. But, if digital isn’t part of your marketing mix, you’re likely not making enough brand impressions to capture attention, be memorable and improve conversions.

Make the most of your calendar year starting now! Get more recommendations and tips for digital implementation by downloading our Top 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Presence and Performance.

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