Medicare Decision 2020: Run Breakthrough DRTV and Direct Mail Campaigns

Political ad spending in the U.S. is expected to rise a whopping 59%, or by roughly $10 BILLION over the 2016 presidential election, in 2020. Where are those ad dollars going? It’s true digital ad spending will increase. It’s also true that the top two acquisition channels for Medicare—DRTV and direct mail—will be significantly impacted. […]

It’s Time to Amp Up Your Acquisitions … With Age-In Campaigns

Medicare insurers and marketers are well aware of the 10,000 people who age in to Medicare every day. The unknown lies in just how many of these 65 year olds know their options, will actually enroll, or will continue working (and for how long). Low AEP switch rates, coupled with a delay in retirement, are […]

Top 5 Age-In Planning Tips: 2020 Edition

The stakes in the age-in acquisition game are HIGH. Due to low unemployment rates and market stability in recent years, seniors are delaying retirement and therefore Medicare enrollment. However, we also know that once enrolled, fewer than 30% of Medicare recipients switch their plans. One key element to age-in acquisition success is spend. For obvious […]