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Case Study


Maximizing AEP with a Bilingual Approach

During the Annual Election Period, Medicare marketers compete for the attention of eligible seniors in crowded mailboxes, inboxes, online, over the air waves and, of course, on TV. The goal of every communication is to grab their attention with relevant messaging; miss your moment to resonate with Medicare-eligible seniors and they’re likely going elsewhere. During this eight-week, high-pressure selling season, a holistic strategy that considers the full potential of your market (and your audience) is not just nice to have, it’s crucial for membership growth.

Medicare Insurance

Medicare-Eligible Latinx Seniors

Omni-Channel—Television and Direct

No Translation Needed

As a growth-oriented organization, Care N’ Care is always looking for new ways to optimize its approach to acquisition in a diverse marketplace: A strategy that would take into account the large Latinx population across its market. 

Since seniors rely most on the mail and television channels, we regularly optimize our approach—that’s standard. Television media comes at a premium during the AEP, so why not expand to Spanish-language media? 

To maximize this campaign and achieve new member goals, we went to market with an omni-channel approach that incorporated bilingual direct mail working together with television spots developed in both English and Spanish. Ensuring that our television and direct mail efforts were dual-lingual and working in tandem, we expanded the reach and increased the relevance of our campaign. 



By embracing an approach that helped maximize its market, the overall results for this AEP campaign exceeded client goals. 



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