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Social Media Medicare Marketing In Unprecedented Times

Aging into Medicare is a complicated timeline even in an average year—but we all know that the year 2020 was anything but average. While all of us found ourselves in new and unprecedented waters, seniors were arguably among the most impacted. The time was right for targeted social media Medicare marketing.  From unplanned job loss, to the loneliness of being home, interacting in a “typical” way to navigate the enrollment into Medicare was less accessible.

Due to … all of the above … social media Medicare marketing took on particular importance in 2020. In the wake of such unprecedented change, seniors flocked to the comfort of Facebook. They did so in larger numbers and for longer durations than pre-pandemic days. And, whether this 65+ audience was suffering a hardship or just enduring “at home” orders, they were still reliably researching their “next best” Medicare enrollment options online (and on social media). So naturally, when our clients at Prominence Health Plan wanted to maximize the social space, we knew we needed to develop a targeted strategy that would speak to both sides of the COVID coin.

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Stopping the Scroll With A Targeted
Medicare Social Media Creative Strategy

Social Media Medicare Marketing - Unbranded

Since seniors were affected differently by the pandemic, we set out to develop a targeted and unique creative strategy. One size does not fit all. On the one side: There were millions forced into early retirement and now considering Medicare insurance with a lot of uncertainty and under duress. This audience deserved direct acknowledgement of their problems and a keen focus on providing answers. These ads were dark in mood and shared an internal dialogue of uncertainty. They were also unbranded (no logos or sales messaging) to give the reader an interrupt moment. Our CTA called on viewers to “Get Answers” they so desperately needed.

On the flip side, there were the luckier ones: New to Medicare seniors who found their plans either less, or unchanged. We leaned into tried and true strategy of guidance for this complicated decision. Our branded ads  focused on benefits in a light-hearted tone. Our rotation of “quiz cards” asked pointed questions, engaging the reader to consider the possibilities and calling them to “View Site” and have Prominence Health Plan answer their now-burning questions. Focusing on benefits that matter with smiling, engaging creative was as stark a contrast as the personal experiences facing seniors in that moment.

Social Media Medicare Marketing - Branded


By delving deep into the mindset of our audience, we arrived at a less conventional, more targeted approach to a unique opportunity. The chance to meet our audience in their moment – and helping to reinforce that Prominence is there for them – offering helpful guidance as well as benefits that will save them money while covering their needs. In order to introduce personalization to the masses in the absence of true 1:1 direct marketing capabilities, we got creative. And, we found powerful connections by directly addressing our customers “headspace” in a social platform.



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