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Four Vital Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

‘Tis the season to look ahead and consider new trends that can elevate your healthcare marketing programs in 2020.

First, let’s take a look back to better understand what’s ahead. In the last decade, tech has shown us all its flaws. The scrutiny and struggles around privacy and security is certainly something all marketers have followed. At the heart of these battles is the right of the individual, or “right to be forgotten” (as it were), and the root cause of much consumer distrust in the market.

Let’s also consider years of failed firewalls, bloated start-up valuations, and an oversaturation of social (network) life that’s left even the most seasoned—and followed—stars realizing that maybe they need to spend more time in the real world.

Which leads us to the future, and the overwhelming theme in digital trends moving forward: humanization.

People want to make real connections in their virtual lives.

And, they’re going to expect the brands they care about to care too. According to Forrester, more than 55% of consumers will consider company values when making a buying decision in the near future. Brands will need to not only take a deep dive into their own values, but make deeper connections with their customers by co-creating values-driven experiences with customers and employees.

So, with all that in mind, here are our Top 4 Digital Trends to Drive Deeper Connections in 2020.

1. Interactive content will drive engagement.
Chief Marketer reports that 91% of consumers are looking for more ways to interact with brands online. Sure, that means a bigger focus on AR/VR, shoppable posts, and 360-degree video. It also means quizzes and polls will be made new again in the new year.

2. Community marketing will build strong bonds.
Creating an authentic online community, whether it’s a social media group, meet-up, or online forum, is no small feat. Marketers will need to practice a lot of patience, dedication, and a commitment to customer-centricity to cultivate these safe havens. But, if done successfully, community marketing will enable strong bonds and big payoffs in 2020 and beyond

3. Relatable brand voice should echo everywhere.
By that, we mean brands have become accustomed to creating a likable, approachable identity via social. In 2020, that voice will need to be heard across all channels in order to foster authentic experiences for people. According to Comperemedia, “Consumers want to know that a brand cares about them for more than an initial acquisition. They want a relationship.

4. Streaming ads will need … you guessed it … meaning.
Video was a digital marketing must in 2019, and it will continue to be one in 2020, according to IAB’s 2019 Video Advertising Spend Report. And, as digital budgets increase, so does opportunity to reach consumers in new ways—enter streaming video ads. Look, the numbers continue to be staggering: 78% of digital video viewers will watch an ad in exchange for free content. And, online video viewers pay closer attention to both content and ads when watching educational videos. So, get in the game and make sure your content and delivery align … otherwise, people will be watching the countdown clock rather than your ad.

Want help driving engagement with your healthcare marketing in 2020? Let’s talk.

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