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It’s Time to Amp Up Your Acquisitions … With Age-In Campaigns

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Medicare insurers and marketers are well aware of the 10,000 people who age in to Medicare every day. The unknown lies in just how many of these 65 year olds know their options, will actually enroll, or will continue working (and for how long).

Low AEP switch rates, coupled with a delay in retirement, are causing many health insurers and marketers to increase age-in campaign efforts. But with so many unknowns, how do you amp up your activity and when? And, with an election year looming, what can you do to make sure your campaigns break through the clutter in the inbox, mailbox and online?

Be different.
The independently minded Baby Boomer generation is redefining aging. Forgoing gated retirement communities and shuffle board on the Lido Deck, they’re entering the golden years with a lust for life. They’re retiring on college campuses to immerse themselves in continued education. Booking adventure travel trips 4-5 times each year. And breaking a sweat at the gym more frequently than millennials. Not exactly the picture you had in mind?

This dynamic group continues to provide increased opportunities every year. The challenge lies in meeting them where they are and maintaining relevance as they move through enrollment decisions.

But, how?
Engaging in an age-in strategy that makes the most out of the calendar year—and doesn’t leave you vulnerable to the whims of the fall election—is crucial. 

Adopt a multi-touch, omni-channel approach for sure. Then, take a deep dive on your approach before execution—here are some considerations:

Medicare literacy is low.
72% of age-ins are used to receiving healthcare coverage through an employer, so this is new territory for them. Consider testing language online that you can quickly adapt to your printed pieces.

Networking is key.
One in three age-ins said they talked to friends and family to make their Medicare decision, and networking is a key factor in shopping behavior. Consider leveraging your member base in new ways and adding refer-a-friend or forward-to-a-friend components to your marketing.

Interactions have changed.
Baby Boomers are highly tech-literate; they have adapted to today’s always-on demands and expect their brands to do the same. Consider offering successful seminars in webinar, FaceTime, or WebEx-type formats to meet your audience where they are—online or on their devices.

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